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Welcome To Oneness Love

Welcome to Oneness Love, we are honored to connect with you. Yes you have found a spiritual home! We are indeed each here to walk one another home . . . Through sharing, we help point the way for one another and those inspired to look deeper within as they read or hear, they will find that which resonates with their heart. There is no right or wrong in spiritual awareness awakening as we are all different.

Awakening To Freedom

Awakening is about your realization of who you truly are beyond filters, beliefs and conditioning that we gained from that society that we live in. living and practicing this wonderfulness in all you do. You seek until the conditioning, beliefs and filters fall away and you express from your purest self. This is an amazing experience as we realize more and more who we really are. Oneness Love is a library of helpful information to help you on your spiritual path. We highly recommend Mooji as a being that points the way.

If We Must Call It A Religion, It Is That Of Love

One might ask, what religion is honored here at Oneness Love? The best possible answer we can give is, “as long as it is in the Spirit Of Love and Unity, it is welcome here. Love is what is promoted here and is what as humans do which ultimately affect one another. We look for the good in the spirit of love which affects us all. This is the fruit of Oneness Love!

Create Your Own Profile

Here at Oneness Love is a safe place where you can create your own profile and share your own spiritual thoughts and insight within a loving group of seekers. In the spirit of love and oneness, we journey together.

Feel Free To Post – This Is Your Site

Oneness Love is our community and we’d love to hear from you. You want to share the please feel free to post or reply in our blog as long as it is in the spirit of Love and Oneness. By sharing, we learn and grow from one another. Share your insight, knowing and experiences about love oneness, spiritual awareness, spiritual teachers, consciousness, regrets and related content to help us all to grow in love, presence, awareness and connection.

As you explore the site, notice the bold, italicised words throughout the writing, some link to pages and some do not. These are some of the topics needing content. If you have content to add to one of the pages, send the content to us along with your name and email address and/or ask to be added as a contributor to that page, we will need your name as you would like it to appear as well as your email to add you as a contributor.

We do review the content in order to keep the integrity of the site in the purity of love, oneness, peace, connection and gratitude so please keep this in mind as you consider contributions, this is a collaborative experience so the content grows in its quality and depth from all who join in, share and add to it, it continuously unfolds and evolves. We are open to your ideas for posts, subject matter and ideas for the site. Namaste’

About Unconditional Love

There is a love that is actually part of you and every other being that has no labels or filters only love. This love is always flowing through you and always has been in each and every one of us. This is the energy that connects everyone and everything. As you awaken to this knowing, tuning into this flow, you will feel it in your own heart, this feeling is deeper, it is not your physical or emotional heart, but your spiritual heart, the same place you point to in your chest when you say, “I am, this is Unconditional Love.

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We enjoy creating inspiration from quotes, poems and images to share our creations with you. Our library continues to grow and is available for all to share and spread our messages of connection, love, self-awareness and consciousness. If you have favorite quotes, phrases or images you would like to share with the Oneness Love community, feel free to email quotes, words of love, images and creations (pdf, gif, png or jpg formats) to us at

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