Looking at Things from Different Perspectives

Individual Perspectives on Life

Personal PerspectivePerspective is defined as “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view”. Looking at things from a different perspective can dramatically change one’s views.

For instance, for a very long period not to long ago in our history of astronomy, our view of the night sky was very different. Observers were sharing what they were seeing in by based from the perspective of being on earth.

Once Copernicus considered looking at planetary motion from the standpoint of the sun, he found that the movement of these bodies made more sense and became much simpler. What he reported is that instead of the paths having strange curves and loops he had been seeing, he reported them progressing in a constant direction in their elliptical paths. Of course, he could not physically be on the sun observing the planets, but he was able to consider and calculated what the system would look like with the sun at its center.

This change of perspective from earth centered to sun centered provided a much better model of planetary behavior. Another example is when viewing a forest from a mountainside above it provides a very different understanding and perspective than viewing it while on the ground and among the trees.

It is wise to be aware that their are many different ways to look at things, situations, people and events and realizing that you perception of things becomes your reality. By becoming conscious of and practicing the way we look at things, we can bring ourselves into a happier state of being. As you practice doing this, you will begin to notice that the way we observe the world actually affects the way we experience our lives, this is a wonderful and powerful tool to help us to connect more with the sense of well-being making us feel happier.  Some people may not realize you do have a choice to look at things differently in any moment, no matter how long one has been looking at it the way they have for so long.

Where do personal perspectives come from?

Each person looks at things from various perspectives acquired from their personal history which include life experiences, beliefs acquired while growing up from people in their lives like parents, relatives, friends teachers, religious, events and how they are presented in the media, personal motivations, acquired concepts and more.

Tools for look at things from different perspectives

It's deep, not it's not perspective

Try looking at things from other people’s perspective

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change”, Dr. Wayne Dyer

Try writing down different ways of looking at things

Find something good that came from it, sometimes this may be as simple as, “choosing to never do that again, we can see it as a growth experience, providing us more awareness, an opportunity to learn or simply the realization of something we don’t want. Sometimes it takes having the experience to realize what you do or do not want.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. By looking at things from other people’s viewpoints, you can resolve arguments, avoid offending others, understand others, as well as helping them to see your perspective. Imagine yourself as that other person, for instance, if you are purchasing a gift for someone, you wouldn’t get them what you would like but consider that person’s interests and tastes. Remember that looking at things from a different perspective can and has the power to shift you view into one that maybe you have not seen or considered.

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