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Syrian Refugees

If you have watched the news you can’t help but see how the Country of Syria is in much turmoil and has had a major impact on people who live there. To date more than 12 million people have been displaced from their homes having to leave the country due to civil unrest and very dangerous place, the had to flee and are now the Syrian Refugees you have been hearing about on the news and reading about in the paper and on the internet. So why are these people leaving their homes? In this post, we will provide some insight into these people, their situation, why they are leaving as well as what is going on in the country they called home.

Why are the Syrian people leaving their homes and their country?

1st Reason – War and Violence

Displaced members of the Yezidi Syrian community

Faysh khabur, Iraq. 14th August 2014 –Displaced members of the Yezidi community carrying goods and food cross the Tigris river on the Faysh Khabur bridge crossing make their way from Syria into Iraq. — As the evacuation of displaced members of the Yazidi community from the Sinjar Mountains continues, thousands of displaced people cross the Iraq-Syrian border at Fishkhabur bridge over the Tigris in Northern Iraq.

The Syrian people have been caught in the middle of a civil war in their own country. The fighting began in 2011 when there were clashes between President Bashar al-Assad’s government and the rebel forces such as ISIS who want him out of power.

To most people, the two parties appear to be bitter enemies. On one hand, Isis, who is a former affiliate of al-Qaeda, wants to create an Islamic state disregarding the borders of both Iraq and Syria.

Then there is President Assad, this man tries to justify war against his own people by citing the danger posed by Isis and other extremist groups some of whom are intertwined with one another.

With this information shared above, most westerners, especially in the United States are not informed nor fully aware of what is truly going on the the middle east, they get bits and pieces presented to them through the mainstream media hiding so much of the truth. As we began our research to find out why so many people are leaving their homes in Syria, we realized how much we ourselves did not know about the situation.

2nd Reason – A Collapsed Infrastructure 

The healthcare, education systems along with many of the other needed infrastructures of the Syrian peoples have been destroyed by the bombing in this war-torn country. The local economy of these people and the country in general has been completely shattered and is in complete disarray.

3rd Reason – Safety of the Children

Parents of children had concerns about their children’s safety. With all that is going on, many children have missed years of schooling already, have witnessed violence as well as disturbing brutality no child should have to see or experience. Many children have become lost and even suffered injuries. Additionally, the warring groups are trying to forcibly convert children into become fighters and human shields perpetuation the warring groups political cause. Children are at grave risk have been exploited on many levels due to the existing circumstances they have been forced into.

How many people are leaving Syria and what are they experiencing?

Here are some facts about the situation and conditions of the Syrian people having to leave their homes and country in search of safety.

  • According to World Vision, over 12 Million men, women and children have fled the country and are seeking safety for the violence and war
  • Nearly 50% of the refugees leaving the country and now displaced, are children
  • These are people who are having to just walk away and leave their homes and businesses
  • The children affected by the Syrian conflict are at great risk of becoming ill, malnourished, abused and/or exploited. Millions have had no choice but to quit school

Not just the Syrian Refugees are affected:

The Syrian Refugee Crisis has brought into light the situation at hand. However, there are others in the middle east that are leaving their homes, business, jobs and more that are searching for a better life for themselves and their families. Here at Oneness Love we believe that all people should be treated and loved as one.

How can we help the refugees?

One of the ways to help the refugees is by making a donation to one of numerous organizations. Oneness Love signed up with one through the International Rescue Committee’s with our own campaign, visit our page

The Refugee Crisis Appeal from International Rescue

Read about the root causes of the refugee crisis and the IRC’s desired efforts to respond to the situation. This document illustrates how the support of people like you through donation can best be put to use in this cause of humanity.

With more people feeling their homes due to war and conflict than any time since WWII, these people vulnerable, at risk and seriously need our help. The program outlined below is providing relief to millions of refugees. Thank you so much for your support.

Please Donate to Help the Refugees

donate oneness love refugee

Here is a Quick Fact reference sheet on how International Rescue uses the Funds Donated.

It is interesting to note that 92% of your funds goes to those in need, 3% in fundraising and only 5% on management fees.

IRC_FastFacts_Oneness Love

Fast Facts for IRC Donations







































Thank you for taking your time and considering the information on the Syrian Refugees. Please feel to make any comments
in the section below. Thank you, Oneness Love

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