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Your Inner Child Needs Love

There are many ways to give yourself self-love. We nurture our bodies with healthy foods. We exercise and clear the mind with meditation. We work on being the best we can be at our jobs and our relationships.  Let’s go a little deeper. Most of us go through our day ignoring one very important part of us that is practically starving!  Yes, I said starving!  We have what I call a self and a Self. The Self inside of us is our True Self, our Soul or Divine creation. This Self is a magnificent, Divine Child within is waiting to be fed and nurtured.  This Child is waiting for you to become fully aware!love inner child

Many of us go through our day speaking to ourselves in our minds. We tend to judge, criticize and condemn ourselves for every action, non action or mistake we make.  We call ourselves names, put down our creations and sometimes say we are Not good enough, Not worthy enough, just NOT enough!

When we spend our day doing this to ourselves, we are really taking our Divine Child within and squashing him/her. We are pushing him/her down farther and farther. So,Let me ask you, Would you speak to a child as you speak to yourself?  Would you be an abuser toward this child?  My guess is, even thinking about speaking to a child the way in which sometimes we self talk, is almost horrific, looking at it from this perspective.

Your Divine Child within needs your Love, Your compassion, Your warmth and kindness.  Stop beating yourself up for every time you choose to do so, you are harming this beautiful, innocent Child. Love him/her. Speak to yourself as you would speak to a loved one. When you do this action, you are indeed nurturing and feeding your Inner Self, your Child within.  Cherish him/her.   Stop pushing him/her down into the corner of your body, instead explore ways to provide your inner child and the one in the mirror with self love.

love your inner childGrowth and Expansion of Your Inner Child

When you nurture your Inner Child within, you allow growth and centering.  He/She lives right within your solar plexus, or just below your belly button.  Allow space for this Child to expand.  You can do this by being aware of how you speak to yourself. From this moment on, realize that as you speak to yourself, you are really speaking to him/her.  Sooth him/her with your words.  When you make a mistake, gently guide your mind to recognition and Love yourself anyway. Catch your negative self talk and Change it into Love.

Once you start fully paying attention to the way in which you speak to yourself, I promise you, most of you will be shocked. Most will not have even realized they were speaking to themselves so harshly. So, Let it Go. Forgive yourself and start Now. Guide yourself through this Life, giving your Inner Child a Loving hand and Loving words. This is the purest of Self Love. It is the gateway to a deeper, kinder understanding of our Spiritual Growth.  This miraculous healing begins to feed your Inner Child.

With as much Awareness of this kind of nurturing, Your Life will begin to change.  You will love with ease. You will become softer and more gentle with others.  You will find judgement has stopped. You will have more patients, more understanding and more Love. Why?  Because you gave these things to yourself, your True Self. You also suddenly recognize the Child that Lives within everyone and the powerful awareness of this alone will Change Your Life to the core.  Begin to Nurture Your Inner Child and watch the Magic of Joy, Peace and Love surround your entire Life. It all starts with You and self love. May You find the Love that you already are. And so it is.

Please share your thoughts below, much love to you from all of us at Oneness Love.


About Angela Bush

Angela lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. She lives in a very rural area with her Husband, Jason and 2 sons. Known for it's many hidden waterfalls, deep forests and the majestic Lake Superior, "Falling in Love with Nature brought me here, though I've lived in many cities, this is where I call home."

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4 thoughts on “True Self Love and The Child Within

  • OnenessLove - Greg & Shelly Kapitan

    Thank you Angela! I love my little girl in a variety of ways like hugging myself and visualizing her and interacting with her during these visualizations, smiling at her and playing with her through, reassuring and helping her to reframe some of the perspectives she had about things, rewriting some of those stories.

  • Kris Hjelt Nitzel

    Thank you, Angela! This is very well written, and some of the phrases are familiar to me, since I have read many of Angela’s writings. She got me started on self-love, but now I will make sure I speak lovingly and kindly to my inner child…she made me realize just how important this is to our well-being. She has a wonderful, positive attitude about life and how we live it. I have learned much from her. I look forward to more from her since this is truly building her esteem also.

  • Chelsey

    This is a wonderful blog! I myself am working on self acceptance and selflove. It’s strange, I have patience for others but sometimes I don’t have it with myself! I love myself but I forget to remind myself that I do. I am happy you shared this! especially during the most changing time of my life. ^-^ thank you Angela!