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Black Friday

Have you heard about “Un Black Friday” and the movement to get out of consumerism and back to what the season truly means? Maybe not as much as the more popularly used “Black Friday“, you are likely familiar with especially if live in the United States of America. The over-the-top shopping experience is currently also spread to and observed in Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Hungary, Romania, India, Australia, Brazil and France. Black Friday is a shopping experience like no other presented as a time to save money, many major retailers take advantage of the marketing of the “event” creating a desire for people to shop their Black Friday sales events such as Target’s Black Friday sales.

Black Friday Fight

This event can be advertised for weeks before the actual Black Friday date around mid-November and although it started out as the day after Thanksgiving in the US, over the past few years it has creeped over into the evening of Thanksgiving, the traditional holiday of being grateful and thankful quickly turns into so many people leaving the space of gratitude and Thanksgiving to jump into consumerism and spending often getting into debt and purchasing things that are often unneeded and purchased because it is such a “great deal”.


As the internet has become more popular,  the shopping frenzy has flowed over to cyberspace being called “Cyber Monday“. This is yet another day of shopping and consumerism taking the spending even to extremes. Black Friday is seen by some to be the extreme measure of selfishness as they observe the craziness that comes along with it whether people lining up in the early mornings in the cold can even often be seen camping out overnight in front of stores or in the parking lots waiting eagerly to get one of the limited supplied items advertised and wanting to be one of the first getting in early for the shopping deals that await them. There have been numerous instances of violence and deaths during Black Friday events.Black Friday Death Counts

To many, this shopping frenzy has good aspects if something they had been planning to purchase anyway happens to be discounted to draw people in there many that have found themselves not having the experience they had intended with nearly 100 injured and 7 deaths  and counting have been reported at the time of this writing, all this over Black Friday related events. With the trend of many moving away conventional shopping and shopping from home, to tap into this growing population, the experience came along called Cyber Monday falling the following Monday from Black Friday so shoppers can continue with their shopping experience from home and quickly.

What is Un Black Friday?

Un Black Friday is a movement to shift our thoughts, focus and actions from ourselves and overconsumption to giving. As you know, most of us that attend a Black Friday event are doing so to get something of a material form for a lesser price. The crazy and sometimes aggressive crowds can be overwhelming as the holiday spirit of the pre-Christmas shopping experience becomes very diluted to the greed for a shopping deal.

Un Black Friday –

The Move Away From Consumerism to Helping Others With Love

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Many people are opting out of the consumerism becoming aware of how out of control the holiday season has become with spending to “give” to family and friends. Here is something to think about, are we or those we are shopping for, really in need of another gift or material possession item? and do we really need to stand in line for hours or camp overnight to get a deal on something that we may or may not need to buy?

Would this time not better be filled with your loved ones in the comfort of your home with focus on one another, helping others with an activity of giving on another level? And what is this Un Black Friday that we have been hearing about?

Un Black Friday a movement of people that have a different vision over the so-called shopping frenzy. Un Black Friday is a time to give to others in more need than ourselves whether it be through service, contributions or prayer. The holiday season is a great time to challenge ourselves to get out of our self-serving comfort zone, away from consumerism and focus on helping others, putting the needs of a stranger or someone who really needs it before our consumerism, spending on stuff needs.

There are many ways to give and help others, in fact, chances are you know people in your community who are struggling for some reason, the elderly, disabled, someone who has lost a spouse or loved one recently, had a traumatic experience like a fire or flood, loss of their home, the list goes on and on.  There are many organizations who can provide you with ways to serve like community services such as shelters and missions that help the homeless; hospitals and nursing homes; churches and religious organizations and a variety of organizations who we can contribute to who help others such as the Red Cross, UNICEF for children, the recent earthquake in Nepal

Give A Black Friday gift that will last a lifetime

Others are in so much more need than ourselves

Syrian Refugee crisis un black friday

This year one of our recommendations comes with one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.  With 12 million people displaced there is much need for assistance with the Syrian Refugee crisis. We currently have an opportunity to help others in much more need than ourselves and in ways we cannot even fathom.

There are a lot of misperceptions and myths about the Syrian refugees keeping many from supporting the government to assist on the level that is needed. This crisis is affecting millions of Syrian people, families, women and children. These refugees are fleeing their homes and their country often for their lives and in search of safety for their families and themselves.

Give To World Vision

During our research looking for organizations to contribute to, we found the World Vision organization to be trustworthy and supporting this cause that is so high on the list of urgency.  We can all make a difference by giving and helping provide for these people. The Syrian Refugee Crisis is a cause we can help with now by contributing to helping others rather than spending money on ourselves and more stuff others don’t need. As we put our focus on those who need it most, like these displaced people who are on the road and living in tents and as we enter the cold season, this is even more critical.

These are our brothers and sisters that are having to leave their homes and their country in droves, this is an amazing number of people equaling over half of the population and nearly 12 million people. These are mostly women and children who are in desperate need of food, clothing, medical aid and shelter. Can you even imagine living in your own country and having to leave your home, careers and sometimes even loved-ones to escaping the terrorism that has invaded their country Here in America where we have not had to experience anything near this extreme; however for these people it is absolute terror in Syria and neighboring countries.

Shift your focus this holiday season to helping those needing help

donate to refugees

How often have you purchased a gift to give, possibly even during a Black Friday event or how many purchases have made for yourself of things you ended up not needing or using? How about considering instead, giving a gift donation for the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East that can change the life of a child or family in ways we cannot even imagine?

By making a contribution in a person’s name or honor instead of giving a gift or flowers. Asking people to give instead of purchasing a gift for you for the holiday, for a birthday, wedding or any event that people make purchases for. We get to help by giving to those who need it most and in this case, those in a very desperate situation is extremely rewarding and by far one of the most beautiful things that you can ever do, what a way to feel the spirit of the season. Your kind and generous donation will help many others and you will not have to stand in lines waiting to pay so you will have more time to spend with your loved ones in gratitude for how fortunate we truly are.

By helping the refugees in Syria and Europe, your contribution will be appreciated by these people who will be thanking and sending you blessings for the rest of their lives! Please help us change the way that we look at Black Friday forever and return our focus to the good of others!

Read here more about the Syrian Refugee crisis.

Please feel free to share your thoughts below. Bless and thank you so much from all of us at, Oneness Love.




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