Unconditional Love

What Is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional Love is a fondness for someone no matter what your thoughts are of them and having any limitations. There is a love that is actually part of you and every other being that has no labels or filters only love. This love is always flowing through you and always has been in each and every one of us. This is the energy that connects everyone and everything. As you awaken to this knowing, tuning into this flow, you will feel it in your own heart, this feeling is deeper, it is not your physical or emotional heart, but your spiritual heart, the same place you point to in your chest when you say, “I am.

You are loved just for being who you are, right now and you do not have to earn this love. No matter your perceived shortcomings, imperfections, level of self-esteem or success, you always have this unconditional love.

Be Love Now book by Ram Das

Ram Dass’s long-awaited Be Love Now is the transformational teaching of a forty year journey to the heart

As we realize this love, there is a comfort that permeates our entire being, a level of love you have never known or felt, even more than the motherly love we may have received as an infant or by a father, child, grandparent, intimate lover or friend. This love doesn’t want or need anything for you, is out for itself but only wants your complete joy and fulfillment.

This unconditional love is already part of you, it has always been there, flowing through you as part of your deeper being. When tuned into this heart space, you are in your intuitive heart of pure awareness and higher mind and this is where it all comes together with your soul identity and subtler emotions as you realize your connection with the universe where presence and love always resides. When in this love space, the thinking mind settles down so that you can just be in love.

When you and another or others go into this love place within, you are all literally together in love, truly in love. This state of being love is the entrance to Oneness, paraphrased from Be Love Now by Ram Das. Unconditional Love is manifested by many people in many ways as we love one another for who we are, not what we can become. That is true, Unconditional Love.

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