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Christmas Full Moon with All Major Planets in Our Solar System Going Direct Boot Your New Year’s Resolution

During this rare Christmas Full Moon nearly 40 years since its last occurrence since 1977. News about this full moon event have been not only lighting up the sky, but the internet as well has many such as talking about this rare event. US News says Christmas Full Moon first time since 1977. Having said that, this is a great time get a major boost on your new years resolutions during this Christmas Full Moon event. This is due to the fact as all of our earth’s major planets go direct (all our major planets moving in the same direction relative to planet Earth) starting this day up through January 6th!

We are seeing our first Christmas Full Moon in 38 years! We are moving into a period of amazing and wonderful universal alignment and astrology with Christmas Friday’s Full Moon in Cancer! This same day our Full Moon and Uranus have gone direct along with ALL major planets moving direct together for 12 days through January 5th when Mercury will then go retrograde.Christmas 2105 Full Moon

The energy of December 25 through January 5th is an especially potent time to harness this unified motion of the cosmos to support growth, transformation by visioning and sending out those things you want to bring forth and manifest, during this passage into the New Year. This is a perfect time to focus on your big vision and intention each day as the planets move direct starting December 25th through January 5th keeping your thoughts on the things you want to bring into your life whether goals, dreams or anything you desire to manifest and create in your life.

A great idea I came across is the 12 days of Christmas creating starting on Christmas day up through January 5th with focus on what you’d like to manifest. What a wonderful opportunity to give your New Year’s Vision a boost by taking time to focus on your intentions and/or write them down. Focus your attention or read these aloud each of these 12 days aligning with this wonderful momentum for manifestation.

Additional readings astrological interpretations for December 2015

Zodiac Heaven * Dharma Stars blog – Santa karma Full Christmas Moon – in Cancer 5:11CST (11UTC)

“a most auspicious way to raise karmic merit is to dedicate all love, kindness and good that we experience to the benefit of others, so that all beings can find happiness. Even if we can’t help to literally look after others, by dedicating the true essence of the Christmas Spirit, harmony and happiness, we can still raise the cosmic love vibration, to keep rippling into the new year.”

Collective Evolution – Christmas Full Moon in Cancer: A Time of Heightened Emotional Connectivity with Others

“this is a great period to help others in need. If you can, donate food, toys, money, or your time. Full Moons are a time where we can initiate some sort of release from our lives. During this period, it could have something to do with letting go of anything that is inhibiting our individuality, freedom, independence, or spiritual aspirations.”

Mystic Mamma – Full Moon in Cancer December 24, 2015 – Providing Astral Insights from several featured astrologers for December.

Interesting facts about the Full Moon on Christmas:

  • 1977 was the year of the last full moon on Christmas
  • 1977 was when the first Star Wars movie was playing in cinemas -“A New Hope”
  • 2015 full moon Star Wars A New Hope is in cinemas -“The Force Awakens”
  • The next full moon on Christmas will be in the year 2034

If you consider all of the events and alignments of this Christmas 2015 Full Moon, you will see that it is quite the event. Ponder in your heart what you want to release as well as what you want to manifest in your life. 2034 is when the next Christmas full moon event will come to pass, that is quite a few years ahead of us. Having said that, now is a great time take advantage of this powerful opportunity to supercharge your New Year’s Resolution during this Christmas Full Moon event that spans December the 25th through January 5th.

Any Thoughts About this Full Moon and New Year’s Resolution time period?

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