Life Changing Vision

A Vision That Changed My Life

I have been writing for most of my life. It is one of those deep passions that it did not even matter what I would write. For the past ten years or so my ritual would be to wait until everyone was snug in their beds, the light out and I would take my pencil and paper out to my screened porch. I love the night and here where I live, the summer sky seems to open up and come alive. I have an oil lamp that sits on my writing table. The soft glow gives out just enough light to see my writing tablet.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because one night while writing I experienced the most beautiful, mystical writing I have ever had. What is so strange to me when I look back on that night is I was writing yet It felt I was dreaming it or experiencing it and to this day tears fill my eyes for nothing short of complete Gratitude and Thankfulness. I seem to question, “Was it a dream?”, then realize how can one write and dream at the same time. Now, years later, I have learned not to question but to just stay in gratitude for the very few and far between experiences I have had such as the one I am sharing with you now.

I Do Believe

I do believe that one of the reasons I have these types of visions is I really do not have beliefs! That sounds like such a contradictory indeed! I am open and have done the work of peeling those layers and masks. Instead of being told what to believe and how I began asking for myself, to be shown truth in whatever way it shows up. To listen to my vibration that sensation you feel almost through every cell. It is almost as if my very cells start dancing, for just an instant. This one particular writing changed my Life. It changed my sight. It gave me a gift that I cannot NOT use ! My hope in sharing this writing, will have even a tiny impact toward Love. I feel I was meant to share for a purpose that I will probably never know but I don’t care about that.

My Wish

My only wish is for you to remain open and without judgement because I believe that is what this vision was about, at least for me it was, is and always will be. I’m being lifted up way above the clouds, far enough to see the entire world. As I gaze upon the Earth and it’s beauty from here, what appears to be white clouds in the form of hands takes millions and billions of people and places them all in one place on the Earth. I can hear from afar screaming and yelling. I see running and people fighting. I sense anger and fear. I watch as all the people in all of the world were placed together and not one missing. Soon I saw to my left a Giant cloud.

No Words Needed

Without a word spoken, I understood what was happening. All of every race,color,culture was taken from the people and placed into the cloud. The cloud turned many hue’s and as this was done, the people seemed to stand still. Soon I saw all thought was taken and placed in the cloud. The cloud turned a light red and rumbled. I stood there. I’m not quite sure where but I watched as all perception was taken from the people and placed into that cloud. The cloud grew to an enormous size and it bubbled and rumbled. Then I looked down at the people and I saw a type of transparency among them. Once more any and all judgement toward one another was taken and placed into that cloud. This caused the cloud to turn blood red. I watched as it was moving about, twisting and turning almost as it would explode. Then once again I looked down onto the Earth and what I saw mesmerized me. I saw billions of lights among every person. They flickered and there was a beaming glow throughout and I felt my heart open completely.

Peace Remains

Peace seemed to fill the Earth with magnificent lights twinkling like the billions of stars in the night sky. Soon, one by one each light was dimmed as everything was placed back into the people and soon the were spread among the Earth again, yet I saw all of them everywhere and I still could see a soft dim within each one, even as they were running about. Oh how I wished they could see. I cried in sorrow for the whole planet and I also cried tears of joy for I now know, We truly are all one. This was my life changing vision.

About Angela Bush

Angela lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. She lives in a very rural area with her Husband, Jason and 2 sons. Known for it's many hidden waterfalls, deep forests and the majestic Lake Superior, "Falling in Love with Nature brought me here, though I've lived in many cities, this is where I call home."

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