Here Is The Miracle

Here Is The Life Miracle

As we travel on the journey, there are wondrous, glorious times. Experiences that bring tears of joy to our eyes. There are also times of great sadness. A loss or a tragedy can step in front of us and stop us in our Tracks! We can be deceived, or betrayed by the very ones who were supposed to Love us. Our bodies can be one I’ll with sickness, or we can watch someone we love suffer! This is a reality in this world. Things happen that can cause us to fall to our knees In such stomach wrenching pain or we can feel as we are stuck in a spiraling hole, lost wanting to find our way back home.
These times come to all of us In one form or another yet I tell you, they are our greatest gifts at times because they cause us to reach for a higher power, A higher knowing, a deeper sense of who and what we are. All of every e penitence we will ever have or had is for this, To remember who and what we truly are.

My Own Life

In my own Life, I can look back, stepping out of myself, and see my life and all of the trials, challenges, hurts, betrayals, bad relationships, rejections, denials, lies, sickness, grief, just to name a few, and when I ask why with the true understanding that My experience here, without judgement in all things, in all ways is for my spiritual growth and is also, without exception in perfect divine timing, with a perfect divine purpose. Then and only then do I become to know a deeper Love and an unconditional Love for everything that I judge as good or bad experiences, was truly just for me. That as I forgive myself and everyone whom I feel has ever hurt me in any way, really there is nothing to forgive. Why? Because dear ones, We are not our bodies we walk on this earth with, nor our behaviors. The only way one might hurt you is if they are asleep and dreaming. They do not yet know who they truly are. They do not understand that there is really only one of us, and what one does, he does to himself.

A Greater Understanding

When understood this way, how easy does it be one to forgive because they truly do not know what they do. When you are fully awake and conscious, no longer dreaming you’re merely a body you begin to slowly see the light within each soul. You can look back on your life’s story and see that in each, what you call, attack, it moved you toward the seeking and the true asking to know who you truly are, which is merely a Remembering of who you are. You then begin to realize those that attacked were then asleep and any attacks you made while you were asleep also must be forgiven, for they are not in true reality. For we now see, we are not our past, no matter what that looks like. We are only our moment. We do not have a Life, We are the Life. Oh how the curtains open and the clouds lift. Once this is recognized as all gifts for your growth. It becomes a celebration in gratitude for perfect Oneness and the Union of all do you begin to see. As your understanding of this grows, film washes out of your eyes and you cannot stay in sorrow for long.

Knowing is Understanding

Your understanding is knowing. Your knowing is truth and in the most challenging times great Faith is required. Faith and trust that all is exactly as it should be, in this very moment. That even as you are in your suffering, you can find peace that is always within you, Always. This, my friend, is The Miracle. The Gift. The total Healing of the world. How can accepting this moment be anything else? Here your eyes in it’s tears find a glimpse of light that can see a new bud on the tree or in your darkest pain hears the song of a bird and it as if she’s singing just for you. In each moment your pain will stop as you are always given a glimpse of comfort and a reminder of the stillness that resides within you always. As you forget for even a second, something will in fact reawaken you and you shall fall deeply in gratitude for the simplest of things. This is also the miracles that are given in each and every moment.

Be Open

You must be open to accepting them. Asking for them, allowing them to show you, your never, ever alone, for within you the Divine resides also and has never, ever left you. If you were to ever feel alone it is merely you have forgotten who and what you are. Find comfort and understanding within these words, for they are not mine made from my mind, but truth that walks through me, not from me. I leave you with this one truth, Miracles are abundant, it is only with oneness and the willingness to allow them to come to you, and as surely as I write these words, they will indeed.

Final Thoughts

Remember Life is a mere experience and a joyous gift when you begin to see you are not your past, nor future, you are one with the present moment, this very moment that is all there is or ever will be, This is the One Holy instant where Miracles are. We hope that you have enjoyed Here Is The Miracle!

About Angela Bush

Angela lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. She lives in a very rural area with her Husband, Jason and 2 sons. Known for it's many hidden waterfalls, deep forests and the majestic Lake Superior, "Falling in Love with Nature brought me here, though I've lived in many cities, this is where I call home."

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