Is It Ever Too Late ?

Is It Ever Too Late For You?

It is never too late to arise from a darkened state. As you have awakened to a new dream, with fresh new eyes to see. Maybe you used to Look upon the World and shudder with fear, but then you went within and found a place where lillie’s grow and water flows freely. A place where golden light shines down and casts shadows of once unspoken things. A place where there is only Joy and the soul dances lightly with laughter and you find yourself in deep Gratitude and Awe for all things known which now have been remembered once again.

A Place of Truth

Here you have found the place of truth and you can close your eyes and visit here anywhere and any moment. Is this place of great wonder you have found imagined? If we were all to close our eyes and take the time to visit here, I tell you, we would re-open to a new World such as this. How is that it we see chaos and fighting and danger in the world of form, yet can simply close our eyes and enter this place while the other vanishes from our sight? There is certainly a truth in understanding that what we give energy vibration to becomes more. If you witness in form, a tragedy, do you scream and rant in anger and in fear? OR do you look upon it with the eyes of your new world and send deep, healing Love to the situation with all of your soul energy? Which one do you feel truly heals the situation in form?

Stepping Out

As you experience stepping out of this darkness and into this light which is available to each of us at any moment, so too can you choose to shine that light energy to any and all who need healing. This is a power we all have that has been within us our whole Journey in form, it just was not recognized until now. At times, we can easily get stuck in between two worlds or dimensions and forget about this beautiful power available to us that can transform our world as we see it.

All the world of form, and everything within it, will surely crumble and fall back to dust and this is okay because we truly are not just form. Yet, our greatest fear is this crumbling, that we may go with it and be no more. This is what the Ego mind wants us to Fear. I can tell you this, there is no decay we can or will have. This truth is known by the soul yet covered by the cloud of fear in the mind. Surely every piece of foam will fall as surely as we are not what we think we see.

Understanding Knowing Moments

To understand and be in knowing that there is no death except the death of the Ego or the form. At first this may bring great terror to the mind but as we allow it to emerge and rest there like a thick cloud, this fear will gradually vanish into the nothingness it was. Then, and only then, will you Live in this moment for truly there is nothing else. Every moment in the now is like a new sunrise. In every moment, the darkness is welcomed because here, there is no fear and there is no pain. In this one moment, as we notice an in-breath, we can ask ourselves, “what else could there be but divine Love”?

Your Own Choice

With this comes the understanding that Heaven or hell is a choice. Once you taste of the serenity that heaven offers, your longing is great to enter here more and more. Every now and then, Hell may show up and this is the miracle that is within this holy instant to move back into the dwelling place of pure oneness. A place where there is no right or wrong because nothing is in judgement. Here, Acceptance for what is resides. Empty space flows freely and all power is given to those whom chose to enter here. Safety is assured for there is no death for you now know form is the illusion of separation.

Your Understanding

As you move through your understanding, into knowing and then knowing into Great Wisdom, You remember…that is, Re-Member, what you are. As there is only one of us here. Can you not see this or recognize it on a soul level? With the mind, you would never comprehend such a thing. Yet, the soul does. It dances with Joy as you enter in its oneness of all things, all creatures great and small.

All Have A Vibration

Every tree dances and shakes with a connected Vibration that plays it’s own music to the one true Rhythm. This Vibration can be reached with the full awareness of this very moment and each one after that. Peace will fill your body and your very cells will shudder with joy. This Vibration can manifest itself into the world of form through you. When this is done, Here is Heaven on Earth. The time has come to not ponder these things, but there is a call to action. Move now out of your testing either of these to using your Vibrational Energy to Heal this World in which we see. If any doubts should enter into your minds, just ask What if every human on the planet did such? I ask you to consider your intentions and to consider your thoughts, for they too are Energy that contributes to the whole.


Surround yourself with Deep Peace and a Love for all you see. When you look at another, no matter what form he or she takes on, see beyond the masks they wear. See beyond the veil and as you see another as the soul that is also you, here is where freedom is. This is so because you have freed another from your judgements, so to you have freed yourself. This is the greatest gift you can give another and as you do, you have given it unto you also. Do you not see how you have imprisoned yourself by all of the judgements you have laid upon another? This is because you have also judged yourself and have crucified yourself, and in this place can the whole be healed.

Your True Self

While you have taken on form and as you Now Remember your true self that is and forever will be, assist each member to recognize this truth. You can do this easily by living in your Authentic self and your light will shine and activate another’s light for them to recognize. This is the awakening process that is a Powerful Energy sweeping through, for now is the time. There is always a moment to chose Love over fear, for that is always the choice no matter what form it takes on. What a Wondrous gift it becomes to see this power resides in you !
As we are here in form for such a short period, for there is no time but now.

Mind Love and Peace

The mind and all of its thoughts would love to keep you trapped there. Alone and confused. Awaiting for the next fear! Walk now into the dwelling place, where the Golden Light resides. The doorway is open at any moment for you to enter while still here in this form. As you become familiar with this wondrous place of Peace, sparkling waterfalls, birds singing beautiful melodies, and stillness yet Pure Aliveness, You will visit often. For here is our true home, with or without form. It is never too late to step out of fear into a place of Love and Peace and Joy. It is always awaiting for it is your true home forevermore, even as you have taken on form. Here is the Miracle given, you just have to see it in each moment. It is waiting whether your in your darkest moment or you joyous one. Come now, and visit often and bring another with you.

Final Thoughts

May Peace shine down upon you as a blazing sun. May Love drape you as a warm blanket and may your light shine so bright it awakens another from sleep. May you see the Miracles in every moment and Chose Love. I hope that you have enjoyed Is It Ever Too Late?

About Angela Bush

Angela lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. She lives in a very rural area with her Husband, Jason and 2 sons. Known for it's many hidden waterfalls, deep forests and the majestic Lake Superior, "Falling in Love with Nature brought me here, though I've lived in many cities, this is where I call home."

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