Unspoken Words

The Unspoken Words

I’m not quite sure what is happening but messages are coming through faster than I can possibly write. I do know there is a great change of energy moving through me. What I am feeling is what I might describe as a soar of “Power Surge” and in my mind’s eye, I cannot see an end to it! The only way I can seem to start to explain this is by consider that I have tuned into a frequency as one would do when changing a radio station and this started a download of information and although I cannot quite make out, as you will read, yet I can!

How It Seems

It might seem as If I have gone mad but for this I am grateful while at the same time feeling a tremendous weight or pressure, maybe from myself to share what I am receiving, the messages come to me without a voice. How does one begin to describe something so surreal as this? My only hope is to allow it to flow, to write whatever is received by this choiceless transmission of sorts and not coming from my own mind. I ask myself, could this be coming from me? Then I conclude it cannot be for where would I have gained such wisdom as the things I hear and receive? Much of the information and messages are actually what I need for myself. There are many times, while I am writing and writing, I find my hand and fingers burning and once I am finished, I find myself only gaining a glimpse from what was written.

A Wondrous Phenomena

This wondrous phenomena has been happening through me for many, many years. It was not until recently that my bravery emerged to share. It may be because others have come forward, announcing their experiences and sharing with the world. I have this strong suspicion that this is happening to many more people but the majority just don’t dare to reveal it in fear, even today, of  being judged, criticized and/or mocked. Others may tell us we are lying for some sort of admiration, attention or such. I made a conscious decision not to not care or worry about what others say or do because the messages are now being received stronger and seem louder than ever before, I feel I am supposed to share them. These messages sing and feel of beauty and truth and are abundant with hope, joy and love, so what could possibly be wrong with sharing such things?

Spending time with the trees..

Have you ever spent time with the trees, like sitting quietly within a forest? The silence is unlike any other experience or place one could choose to unite with all of Life. Within this stillness and with full awareness of all that surrounds you, one can begin to sense presence, even within the trees. The vibrations start small as in the long grass just below. Their song is of harmony and Peace. They sing of Unity and with strength, never miss a beat. If you become as one with all that surrounds you, your being is filled with a sensation unlike any other. You have found Awe in the very moment and I only wish It were possible to stay just like this, in this space, always.  Is it really so? How many actually understand we are all vibration, that each and every living thing, no matter what form it takes on, is Vibrating it’s own Rhythms?

Stay In The Space

As you stay in the space, you realize the trees just are. They are in perfect oneness and acceptance with all of Life. They resist nothing and allow all that is, to just be. So does the flower, so does the sea and everything else. It is because of this very reason, we find peace and tranquility in such places. Have you ever watched a beautiful sunrise or sunset? Your body fills with a Love, a love you cannot quite put into words. What you are feeling or sensing in these moments is pure acceptance of what is. You are observing something just Being. With this awe is the deep desire to recognize within yourself the possibility to be as this, to just be.

Just To Be

We long to just Be. We all deeply just want to be accepted and Loved for exactly who we are. With no judgement nor any wish for us to be anything different than what we are right now. I heard two of the most destructive words we use as a species is the word better and right! When societies start thinking they are “better” than, soon they think they are “right”. This can be seen in our nations, in our countries, in our politics, in our communities and within our family units. These thoughts have created centuries of war and even in religions claiming they are the only ones who are “Right”? Ask yourself, is this not true?

If you were to look at our world and all the actions and deeds within our human race, I bet you would shake your head in disbelief at what so many choose, then try looking to the forests so still and peaceful and notice the powerful, Unconditional Love Vibration vs the constant argument and fighting over who is right. If I were to say, truly there is no right or wrong in the larger sense, would you believe it? Our minds have become so conditioned to look for all answers outside of ourselves for so long, we have forgotten that all of Life’s answers are within. Yes, all of Life’s wisdom resides within ourselves. But, with all the distractions and conditioning, we have forgotten this fundamental truth of who we really are and oh how it has cost us so much. But it is never too late.

Time To Ponder

I ask you to take time to ponder what it would be like, to just Be. To just Be, without conditions, without limitations, labeling, wanting or needing? Do you think this would be true freedom? I can tell you this, yes, indeed it would be. Oh, how much more wisdom do those trees in the forest have that we have long lost? Certainly we have just forgotten.

More and more beings are beginning to ask questions such as these although so many are keeping them in secret. It is now time for our great awakening, awakening of the entire planet. Even those who keep proper doing what they are told to be and do, they are also in fact asking these very questions of themselves. Very soon, everyone will be open allowing the true Vibration of Oneness and Unconditional Love to fully shine forth guiding us to our true Unity. A freedom we were not yet even able to imagine with our distorted definitions of this very word, life and being.

Be Free To Speak

I ask you to be free, to speak your truth, in Love. To allow yourself to Be the most magnificent version of yourself you can be. I ask you to allow yourself to spend Life in each moment and not in your mind that drifts here, there and far away to places that never have even existed, these things that come and go, they are not real, what is real is the part of you that is always there. Most importantly, I ask you to go within. See your true self with eyes of Unconditional Love and Equality for there is no one more special than any other under any circumstances, we are one and we come from this unconditional love.

Final Thoughts

Take time, and if you can, go sit quietly alone among the trees and just be with them for some time. You will find that if you listen with your soul, you will come to feel their very vibration and you will walk away never the same as you were before.

About Angela Bush

Angela lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. She lives in a very rural area with her Husband, Jason and 2 sons. Known for it's many hidden waterfalls, deep forests and the majestic Lake Superior, "Falling in Love with Nature brought me here, though I've lived in many cities, this is where I call home."

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