You Hold All Power

The Way We Look At Things

What if we were able to stop and look at our life here as a movie being played out? Yes, We are playing the leading role. How would our lives change, if at all by seeing through this lens?

Do not underestimate the power of the mind. As I have heard Wayne Dyer say, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

Can we dare to dive into this topic a little deeper? Would it benefit us to know that Our perceptions make up our world? How can this be, when this world just is? I ask you, How can two people see something and it be described by both as completely different. This is because in truth, OUR World is a projection for each one of us. This is proven by physics due to the fact there is no such thing as time! This information is a little mind blowing and hard to grasp but maybe we can get a better understanding if we break it down just a bit. The human has an average of about 40,000 thoughts per day! What are thoughts? They are Energy, just as everything is energy, including us!

Power And Focus

Whatever we give power to or whatever we focus on becomes a part of our reality we see. To better understand this concept, Let’s say we are watching a movie on a screen. We really connect with the movie and begin to start thinking we are in fact in the movie we are watching. Yet in true awakening we come to know We are merely the watcher, the observer of the movie being played out. So to is the fact we sometimes forget we are not our thoughts nor our feelings but as we learn to be the witness in Awareness, we see with a new lens.

In this World of form we live in where our minds are constantly thinking. There is a background of chatter going on inside our heads all of the time. We constantly make judgements and beliefs and then react to our thoughts. This is what the term “Living in Hell” means. For some, it is literally a living nightmare because one thought leads to another and another and basically, we are “stuck in our heads”!

Freedom, OH sweet freedom is the knowing thoughts are just energy floating around as clouds, as Byron Katie puts it, “It is the ones we choose to grab onto.”

The Lens of Watcher or Observer

When we use the lens of the watcher or observer, attaching to nothing we become free. Of course, thoughts have purpose. Most get lost in thoughts and from that place you cannot see truth. The truth is, You are not your story. You are not any of it! The True Yon is the witness, the watcher, the one who has a knowing all of this world of form is designed for you. It is designed to get you to remember what I like to call, The Oneness. Neal Donald Walsh explained this truth in such an impactful way. Here is how he explained it from his Conversation with God. He asked God where is the soul? What was given to him gave me such a profound visual insight to our Oneness.He was told, “God resides in every empty space in your human body, even in between the empty space within your cells. Not Only is Your Soul there but it extends outside of you. Your Aura is Your soul and it surrounds your entire human body, so as you interact with another our Aura’s or Souls connect with each other blending, intertwining, connecting and this goes on and on.”

So, as I am in my body I am separate but never the soul. Really there is only one of us here. This is The one Unified Soul. That is how We Are One.

Every Thought

Given this, every thought you grab onto affects the whole. Every choice you make, every action or reaction you choose to make affects all of us. Why? Because really there is only One.
This is why it is so vital to the human race, now more than ever that we Choose to see through the lens of Love. That we choose to be fully conscious and in awareness. When we practice this moment to moment only choices that are of the greater good to all can arise. Of course we lose sight. We forget, yet the Awareness will awaken us once again to step outside of our minds. Step outside of our thoughts and our Ego’s that want to tell us how special we are. Actually the Ego wants to tell us how much More Special, we are than someone else! Yet in the Oneness we share, every single living being is special, bearing individual gifts and extending them to the whole.

Two Existences Love or Fear

Really, there is only two existences, Love Or Fear. Oneness or Separation. This is where perception comes in. The mind and all of it’s distorted thoughts can cause you to think you are separate and this is the place where only attack can reside. The mind will tell you how much better you are then someone else, this is where the Ego wants you to stay because As soon as you see You are not any of these things, that this is the illusion, the Ego mind will not survive. It will devise whatever it can to keep you lost and in this place you will feel alone and suffering occurs. Remember this, There is a place beyond the mind, beyond all form. It is where the True Self resides and here is where “Heaven” rests. Peace be unto you. May you see through the lens of Oneness and may all your fears vanish. May you recognize them as illusions and seek to see through eyes of Love. Always remember how powerful you are, because you are part of the whole. The instant you realize this is the GREAT Awakening and your Life can and will never be the same. For what you do and say and think about to your brother and sister here, you also bring to the whole. With this Be Love first, in every opportunity you are given. Choose Love first, even when you could do otherwise.

My Writing

As I write these words, I also write them for myself. I am in Gratitude for the words to come through me as my mind is also conflicted at times, as we all are yet this is the moment we step out of the clouds and clarity of Truth shines through. The light is in every being on this planet. They may not recognize it, so they act from a sleep. Now is the time for the Awakened ones to bring forth the most Powerful Energy in all of Eternity… Love. May you Be that which you are, in truth. Remember, You Hold All Power!

About Angela Bush

Angela lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. She lives in a very rural area with her Husband, Jason and 2 sons. Known for it's many hidden waterfalls, deep forests and the majestic Lake Superior, "Falling in Love with Nature brought me here, though I've lived in many cities, this is where I call home."

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