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Who is Mooji Baba?

Mooji Oneness LoveNamaste’ and welcome to our heartfelt blog post about Mooji. We created this post to share with our readers about this amazing being and provide a sense of who he is to us, if you don’t already know through your own experience, search or awakening. Within we share insight into some of Mooji’s pointings for the many people, just like ourselves, who desire true freedom.

In this post, we will reveal some insight as to how Mooji’s “pointings” offer great insight ultimately revealing to us our true nature. Connecting with Mooji is one of the most beautiful things we have experienced and we are honored to share with the world! Learn more about what we are talking about as you continue reading and by watching or listening to his many Satsangs.

Mooji’s Beginning

Mooji was born Anthony Paul Moo-Young Rumscheidt on January 29,1954 in Port Antonio, Jamaica. In high school, Anthony was a very popular boy with the girls because he could sing and also earned the respect of the boys since he was a star athlete. He had two siblings, a brother, Peter Moo-Young who is a national and international tennis player for Jamaica and a sister named Cherry Groce who was shot by police in 1985 which caused her paralysis from the waist down, this set off the 1985 Brixton Riots. 

In 1969,  at the age of 15 and after the death of his father, Anthony moved to the UK and began living in Brixton, London with his mother. He began working as a street portrait artist and then a stained glass artist. At this time in his life many knew him as Tony Moo. Later he went on to become an art teacher at Brixton College until 1987.

A Life Changing Experience 1987

In 1987, Mooji he had a chance meeting with a Christian mystic that would change his life forever. In a very short period of time, through prayer, he began to experience a change in his spiritual consciousness. This change was so profound that many people who knew him at the time said he was transforming into a totally different person. He began to have many miraculous experiences and mystical insights. Mooji decided to surrender completely to divine will at which time he elected to quit teaching, leaving his home for a life of quiet simplicity and surrender to the will of God.
Mooji Travels To India

The Next Six Years

Over the next six years Mooji remained in a state of spontaneous meditation which made him oblivious to the world he once knew. During this time he lived almost with very little money while living with his sister, Julianne, otherwise he very well could have been a homeless being. Many may call this homeless, but we are sure that Mooji has a much different and inspiring story to tell as he references these as his “wilderness years” in which he shares his experience of a deep feeling of being “seated on the lap of God.”He has also shared that he has no remorse for this time in his life that he was richly blessed and abundant in grace, trust and loving devotion. One can only imagine how this time would speak to Mooji’s inner most being and render great insight by not being so distracted. 

Mooji Travels To India To Meet Papaji

In 1993, Mooji had a desire to see Dakshineswar in Calcutta H. W. L. Papaji where Sri Ramakrishna, the great Bengali Saint, had lived and taught so he began a journey to India but as fate would have it, he never made it to Calcutta. Instead Mooji happened upon three devotees of the great advaita Master Sri Harilal Poonja, known as “Papaji“.

The three devotees insisted that he join them on a journey to meet their master, although Mooji put them off for a period of two weeks )until after he had visited the holy city of Varanasi). Then, finally in late November of 1993, Mooji finally traveled to Indira Nagar in Lucknow to meet Papaji. This visit would turn out to be a very significant experience in his spiritual journey. 

“You Must Completely Disappear!”

After staying with Papaji for several months, Mooji realized him to be his Guru. During one of the satsangs, Papaji told Mooji “If you desire to be one with truth, ‘you’ must completely disappear.”  Upon hearing these words, Mooji experienced great resistance and even feeling anger towards Papaji. He was so full of anger about what he had said that he decided to leave the master’s side for good. After leaving, later that day, amazingly the black cloud simply disappeared, leaving him feeling full of peace and having a great love for the master, now Mooji knew he could not leave.

Ramana Maharshi

ramana-maharshi-avatar-illuminated-enlightened-master-spiritual-guruAfter Mooji received his Master’s blessing in 1994, he traveled to Sri Ramanasramam in Tiruvannamalai. This is the ashram at the foot of Arunachala, the ‘Hill of Fire’, where Sri Ramana Maharshi, the Sage of Arunachala and Papaji’s Guru, had lived and taught.

Here he felt at home and very happy and stayed for three months before returning to sit at Papaji’s feet once again. About a week after he returned he received the tragic news that his eldest son had passed away due to pneumonia. Upon returning to England, he began to experience a great inner silence and just felt empty inside imparted by the Grace and Presence of Papaji.

1997 Papaji Leaves The Body

In 1997 Mooji’s beloved Master fell ill and he would have one last chance to meet with Papaji before his death. Upon his death Mooji declared “That Principle that manifests as the Master is ever HERE NOW. The True Master never dies, it is the mister that dies. The true Master, that Satguru within, alone is the Real”.

1997 to 2011

From 1997 to 2011 Mooji stayed in Brixton London and was often called the Buddha of Brixton. This is where he began sharing Satsang. Satsang in South Asian religions is being in the company of the truth or the good, by sitting together with a guru or a group of spiritual students. In the form of spontaneous encounters, retreats and satsang intensives. Satsang offers you the opportunity to go beyond your conditional thoughts and find your true self in your original beauty. He also did a lot of one-on-one meetings with all the people that would come from around the world to see him. In 2011 he moved to ‘Monte Sahaja‘ which isin southwest Portugal.

Satsang Pointings – The Loss Of The Ego

mooji satsang image Mooji shares his understandings neo-advaita a New Religious Movement, emphasizing the direct recognition of the non-existence of the “I” or “ego,” without the need of preparatory practice. Its teachings are derived from, but not authorised by, the teachings of the 20th century sage Ramana Maharshi. This message is for everyone, any age, any religion, any belief as the pure self was before all of this. 

Moojis Pointings of Advaita

Neo-Advaita, the popular Hindu philosophy practiced by Mooji, says that a person’s inner self is the only real and conscious part of them and that recognising this will bring one closer to the true state. “This is a kind of religion without religion, without doctrine,” explains Mooji.  His teachings allow you to awaken from false identification and find your true self. He also states that it is really not you identity that is the problem but the belief in it. So rather than getting rid of you ego you should go beyond it and observe it.

Many people say that after attending a satsang they know how the disciples felt around Jesus. Even though he may seem like a very unusual guru  (a cross between Gandhi and Bob Marley) hundreds of thousands of people flock to see him each year and follow him through various forms of social media. Mooji, the Jamaican Guru, always positively glows us all with good vibes and will always make you feel welcome!

Some Follower’s Observations

What you are about to read are the combined personal experiences two members of Oneness Love with this sage they call Mooji. Greg & Michelle Kapitan, who have been following Mooji at the time of this post, for over a couple of years, approximately since 2013. In Greg states “Over my lifetime I have been involved in different religions and have followed several inspiring teachers. What makes Mooji’s pointings so different to me follows below”:

We Are Born Without Identity & Ego

As human beings, we are born into this world in perfect harmony with God, with innocence, purity and freshness. This natural state of being is called pure consciousness. This is the state which we actually experience when we realize and choose to be the pure “self”. As we grow up and get older we acquire through our personal experiences, society and such, an identity, and “ego” which is also called our “I” = our person. We take this on in our mind, we collect all of these personal beliefs based upon our specific situation, life, culture, family, beliefs and personal conditioning and through this we believe this makes up who we are as a person. This includes the identity such as our name, our gender, our profession, our role in the community, the list goes on and on. This mindset very often, if not always, creates separation from God (pure awareness ) because we are seeing through the eyes of beliefs and condition, our ego, our “I”, person vs from the purity of what we are before all of this. One of the realizations that comes is that none of this is real, it is of the mind and conditioning, anything that is ever-changing is not real, the part that is real and our true self is that which does not change.

Back To Our Original State Of Being – Pure Consciousness

meditation pure consciousness awareness is realSo how do we see behind the mind, behind that which is not true and confirm and realize that which is seeing (the observer) what is not real and that which is ever-changing? Returning or becoming aware of our original state. What if we could simply get back to what is real, what were we born as before we acquired the identity, the ego and beliefs which are ever-changing? What happens and how do we do this?

First and foremost, we get back to love, not just any kind of love but a love which is totally unconditional, ever fresh and ever present. We would be present, not bringing the conditioned mind of the past into into the beautiful present moment or any anxious future thoughts and filters we have been seeing through for most of our life except for those moments when we may have caught a glimpse. We would see each moment, situation and person with fresh eyes. We would live for now, for what is clean, unstained by our mind, ever true, ever real, ever present, ever love allowing life to unfold in the moment, beautifully and naturally. This way of living life is considered a state of enlightenment, to be in the now which is unsoiled and not filtered, labeled or judged from our past.

“Be Fresh” Means No Baggage

I have personally heard Mooji say this on many associations, “be fresh”. Often as we are in our Ego state of personhood, we can bring some heavy baggage with us, much we have been carrying around for years, telling our stories and not letting them go. This baggage consists past experiences which can contaminate the beautiful now present moment and cause much ongoing suffering and not allowing for the experience of the present moment. Mooji emphasises to bere here and now and leave that mist behind.

Move Naturally In Life

As opposed to how so many are pushing their way through life, Mooji often advises encourages us to “move naturally through life” allowing it to unfold in the moment. Observe the coming and goings throughout our lives, watch how they flow naturally as “life unfolds”.

Mooji’s Live Satsangs

mooji satsang person talkingIf you have not experienced any Mooji’s live satsangs, we encourage you to give this gift to yourself as you are truly missing out on something special. Greg states that he finds the Satsangs “down to earth, heartwarming with real-life and most helpful pointings”. Beings (people) from all over the world gather together in his humble ashram in the Portuguese mountains or in his travels where he says “we are the Ashram”. Mooji invites beings from the group, by the raising of their hands, up to share or ask him a question on whatever they might be experiencing or have in their minds or hearts.

Even though one single being is asking a question, he answers that one being as it were all of us. This is just something that you have to experience. Mooji’s then responds with pointings that help us get back to our original state of being to an open space of what one might call… pure consciousness. The awareness of who we really are and much beyond what our minds might be telling us. Pure Consciousness & Awareness is who we are as spiritual beings.

The Mind Is Not Real – Pure Consciousness & Awareness Is Real Mooji Expresses

Greg shares that he has personally watched Mooji during his satsangs with an attendee standing up and sharing, they often tell their story with a statement such as this: I have been struggling for some time and practising spirituality for many years and still cannot reach a state of pure consciousness. I realized myself that this is because they are in their mind which is ever-changing and simply not real. Mooji’s response to the person would often be something like this, you don’t need years or even months or even weeks. Here, let do this in the next few minutes.

Then at this point, while the attendee is still standing (or often sitting with Mooji), he walks them, (and everyone else who is listening) through an exercise to get out of their mind, remove all of the filters, eog and conditioning and bring them a state of oneness with God if the person follows and stays with it and actually gets out of the mind. The attendee (and many others as well) will often be brought to tears as they experienced what I call their birthright, the realization of who they are. You experience what you were born with, a beautiful sense of peace, love, an indescribable experience and connection and freedom, what I would describe as being at one with the divine, God. This Mooji expresses as true freedom from what can be referred to as the war often going on in our minds!

At The Feet Of Jesus

Mooji Baba with retreat participants at Monte SahajaHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the presence of Jesus?  I am certain many of us including myself have. As I watch Mooji and participate in his satsangs on the internet (or live in person), I know I am the witness this.

As I observe a person (being) asking to approach Mooji and see the love, the adornment and surrender that takes place, with so much gratitude and often with many tears, you just know.

While watching this, one can observe and even feel that they are so honored to be in his (Mooji’s) bodily presence, one cannot help but think about followers at Jesus’ feet, looking into his eyes and feeling his unconditional love. We find it most heartwarming and to be the least of those who get to witness this interaction, unconditional love and grace taking place here in the 21st century.

Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha & Others Are Honored

mooji group photo beings I feel it important to note that many religious beliefs and spiritual paths are honored here. You will often hear Mooji in his pointings, honoring God, Jesus, Buddha Krishna, and others during satsangs. At his spiritual place, Monte Sahaja, there is a lovely Christ Chapel where visitors can go to spend quiet time, meditate, etc. for connection to Christ, getting removed from their mind etc.


Followers of Mooji often ask where his ashram is located during his travels and Satsangs. His response has been, for a very long time, “we are our ashram”. Later while traveling to Portugal on vacation, the perfect place manifested itself in the mountains of Portugal and is named Monte Sahaja. Mooji continues to remind us that Ashram is “a state of being” not a place. May I add that the Ashram at Monte Sahaja is certainly beautiful sacred place.

Some Inspiring Mooji Quotes

  • The ego is never loved, only tolerated
  • When I meet you, each one of you, I meet God and I am very happy
  • Love is the perfume of Truth. Truth is the essence of Love
  • My eyes are the mirror in which you can see God reflected inside your own being
  • Your heart is the light of the world, don’t let your mind hide it
  • When you lose the eyes of the ego, you will see with the eyes of God
  • Your eyes are the windows through which I can gaze into the heart of God
  • Yourself without you is the face of God
  • Kissed from inside
  • Your mind loves things, but your being just loves to be
  • One doesn’t become the Truth, one simply discovers the timeless and perfect reality to be the core of one’s Being
  • To live as an object is ignorance. To live as the subject is freedom and natural joy

Final Thoughts

Do keep in mind this is based on our perspective, on our personal experiences although others have also expressed similar experiences and perspectives about Mooji and his pointings. To us, Mooji has the most accurate pointings to the pure self available for beings in the world. This message is for everyone, any age, any religion, any belief as the pure self preceded it all.  We can transform the Global Consciousness of the earth and make for a much better place for all of us to reside in. I believe that he has simple and timeless truth that leads us to enlightenment and which is freedom!

Closing Song

We would like to leave you with a song that sums up what we along with many of Mooji’s followers and devotees have realized. This song is just one of many you will hear coming from this amazing Sangha in Portugal, “you are always in my heart, never shall we be apart, I am always in your heart, never shall we be apart”. We love you from the inside.

We hope that you have enjoyed  and found this post informative in provide some insight about our Guruji, Mooji. Please feel free to make comments below. From all of us here at Oneness Love, namaste!! 🙂

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