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As humans we like to have company, compassion, love, conversations and connecting with others. These are various forms of communication and a way to bond with other people. This gives us a feeling of belonging that we are all naturally wired to feel. Man kind was not meant to be completely alone as well all long to connect in various forms and levels.

We here at Oneness Love understand this as we have put together a site for other like minded people just like yourself. This is a gathering place for like minded people to visit together and make connections over the internet and eventually in person.

Here you can find many links and resources to connect with others that are in the spiritual community. These will be other communities across the world that you can connect with others just by clicking on the link below.

Many of us in the Oneness community are often looking for some connection and companionship. Here on the web page we have listed below comments as well as groups that you might find others to connect with.  This is your site as well so if you find something that we need to add like a place or community, please let us know.

Should you not find a oneness spiritual community that you are looking for please email us and let us know and we will direct you the best we can.  Some of the Oneness teachers that influence the spiritual community are, Mooji as well as Sri Bhagavan. If you have a community that you would like to connect with please let us know and we can add it to this list below.

Below is a list of helpful Oneness Teachers and Spiritual Links:

Mooji in Portugal

Awakening Oneness in the Salt Lake City Utah metro area

Oneness teachers Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan

Oneness Communities

World Oneness Community

Oneness Community of New Mexico

Oneness North Carolina

Bay Area California Oneness

Awakening San Diego Oneness

Oneness Deeksha Asheville

MeetUp Oneness Seattle Washington

Austin Texas Oneness

Global Oneness Summit

Oneness In Music in Los Angeles California