Mooji Houston Texas Sangha

Where To Find A Local Mooji Houston Texas Sangha

mooji satsangAre you looking to find others to connect with in fellowship and love? If you have a desire to connect with seekers of truth just like yourself, reside in the Houston Texas metro area and love Mooji, you have come to a place that might work for you.

Our names are Greg and Michelle (Shelly) Kapitan. Here we have a spiritual sanctuary that is dedicated to those that are seeking a higher consciousness path. We have a large room that we use primarily for that purpose that is Mooji and the like pointers inspired.

Our place is on Lake Livingston Texas. It is about a hour’s drive that is north of the Houston TX metro area. Folks love to get away from the big city and come to the beautiful rolling hills of east Texas.

You can email us at: or call/text to 801-205-1955 for Texas and Utah.


Below are a few photos of our sacred space:Mooji Sangha Houston Texas Oneness Love PhotosMooji Sangha Houston TX Oneness Love Photos

Mooji Sangha Houston TX Oneness Love Alter Mooji Sangha Houston TX Oneness Love