Self Love and The Awakening Process

Self Love & The Awakening Process

Shares and insight By Angela Bush, Lmt & Intuitive Energy Life Coach


“As we each heal ourselves, we do in fact Heal The World”

For the past 8 years Angela has been receiving channelings through writing. Her spiritual journey, along with many Teachers of Universal Truth, Self Love, Awareness and the Awakening Process have assisted her in understanding these writings that were coming through her not from her. Sometimes, pencil-in-hand, she will write for hours only to have to reread what was written.  Until now, she has only shared these writings with her husband and most trusted close friends.  Through continued openness and exploration, she has come to know her guide as Omnious. Omnious is a very powerful “Truth Spoken One, who gives her information which she transcribes, writes down. She has also been given visions of almost unbelievable Universal truths that humbled her and brought her to a place of Gratitude and Awe for all Life.

Angela works as a Licensed Massage Therapist who practices Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing. She also assists clients with Angel Card Readings and intuitive Energy guidance.  Currently she is practicing The Reconnective Energy Healing taught by Dr. Pearl.

Through her own Awakening, Angela continues to assist others with their Awakening Process.  She helps others remember the truth that already exists within and explores with them, the True Self, Ego as well as who and what WE truly are.  Angel has come to know, through years of self inquiry and insight, that moment to moment actions, through the power of Awareness alone, Heals.  “As we each heal ourselves, we do in fact Heal The World.” Some of the subjects she will be sharing here are:

  • Energy Healing
  • Reconnection
  • Awareness process Balance
  • Self Inquiry
  • Mirrored Reflection
  • Loves Power
  • Self Love Projection
  • Listening to your spirit guides
  • Angels Healing
  • self heals the world Manifesting
  • Love Miracles
  • Purpose and Awakening

Angela is an inspiration to us all as she has insight to another dimension many may not be aware of. Sometimes we are so busy in our lives, caught in the hustle and bustle or caught up in the many distractions around us, that we do not notice things that are right before us. Angela has a way of slowing all of that down to see deeper into who we really not only as human beings but even more so on a deeper spiritual level. We are excited to have her as part of OUR-YOUR Oneness Love Community! You will see here blog posts on the left hand side of this page with a photo icon next to it. Many of her posts will be about, Universal Truth, Self Love, Awareness and the Awakening Process. Welcome Angela to Oneness Love!