Oneness 101

What is Oneness?

Oneness is the state of non-divisive perception of reality, the realization of one consciousness and one being, we are all ONE. Oneness is the fundamental, creative force present of all life, empowered when individual consciousness recognizes and aligns with it.

As we realize and experience oneness, we can feel from our heart that we are part of something beyond the self, beyond the individual. We have a knowing within that there is connectedness, harmony and deeper meaning in life, and each and every being and each and every aspect of existence and this experience is uniquely valuable. We live oneness in many ways such by being respectful, compassionate, working together and in our creativity and as we experience in this way, life’s most fundamental needs are naturally supported.

Oneness Over Time

For centuries, oneness has been described as a spiritual experience and principle. In Taoism, oneness is the Tao, “the way” of life, which, like nature, has its own rhythms and patterns. Mahayana Buddhism trains its disciples to awaken from a solid, individual “self” into an infinite, intelligent oneness that is empty and compassionate. And in the New Testament, (often called the gospel of love) the letter of St. Paul to the Ephesians describes “…one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in you all.”

Oneness All Around

We can see oneness all around us, in ways such as how plants and animals are dependent on one another and the importance of species to the balance and health of the ecosystem is dependent upon each part. One can feel our connectedness as we spend time in nature, walking, sitting and experiencing with all of our senses, we can feel it.

Even in quantum physics we can see how matter and energy interact and affect each other. By taking the time to focus on a specific experience or object, we allow ourselves to recognize its true nature and how it synchronizes with all of life.

The Power of Oneness

Through Oneness we realize we are connected to all of life ad as we notice and acknowledge this connectedness, we are able to access sources of energy and find inspiration we may not have been able to tap into otherwise.  We can observe our connectedness in so many ways, for instance: as we look at our planet from outer-space, we can see that there truly are not boundaries on our planet Earth; in the way we connect through the use of the internet with people all around the planet regardless of geographical location, culture or many other things that may be considered boundaries; and as we interact in life, keeping in mind this connectedness, we find ourselves moving through with the intention of serving the whole not just the self through this truly unlimited power.

Oneness Teachers & Leaders

You can see this oneness demonstrated through people like Gandhi, and Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King who were aligned with oneness and used this transformative power to help shape world history.

Through Oneness, we experience divine unconditional love for each individual and living thing. We find ourselves living in a space of peace, truth, love, harmony, abundance, perfection and gratitude as we experience life here on earth.

As more and more beings realize this Oneness that connects each of us, it raises the consciousness and vibration of the whole so each being living in this space affects the whole, yes one makes a huge difference.

Final Thoughts

Oneness can be achieved in meditative states even if a temporary experience, the more one bring oneself into that space, the easier it becomes to “Be” in the oneness and the easier to return as one breaks away from the conditioning, filters and beliefs acquired throughout this life experience. Thank you from all of us at OnenessLove.